Myths About Owning Or Selling Timeshares

Posted on: 11 March 2022

There are many individuals that may be tempted to buy a timeshare. However, there are some common misconceptions about this vacation option that can make it extremely difficult for a person to have a realistic expectation as to what owning and eventually selling a timeshare will be like.

Myth: Timeshares Always Provide Very Flexible Scheduling

Assuming that it is always easy to schedule a stay at a property where you own a timeshare is a common misconception that many first-time timeshare owners will make. In reality, owners will typically have a relatively limited window of time when they will be able to reserve their spot at the unit. For those that are part of timeshares with larger numbers of owners, this can be particularly restricted. As a result of this limitation, individuals that have a fairly unpredictable schedule may find that they are at risk of missing their opportunity to reserve time in the unit.

Myth: A Timeshare In A Popular Destination Is Always Easy To Sell

Many individuals may eventually want to sell their timeshare. However, if they assume that it will always be easy to sell a timeshare that is in a popular destination, they may be in for a surprise when they struggle to find a buyer. In reality, the market for timeshares is often fairly limited, and the more popular tourist destinations will typically have ample quality accommodations that may be competitively priced compared to the ownership costs that come with the timeshare.

Myth: Timeshare Buying Services Are Too Expensive To Be Worth Using

Luckily, there are timeshare buying services that you can use to make it much easier to rid yourself of a timeshare that you are no longer wanting to own or use. However, a person may not utilize the benefits of these services due to assuming that they will be far too expensive. In reality, these buying services will usually offer close to market rates for the timeshare, and while they may have some application or closing fees that will need to be paid, this will likely be far lower than the maintenance and ownership fees that you would have to pay to continue owning the timeshare while trying to find a buyer. As with other major transactions, taking a few moments to get quotes and compare the fees for various timeshare buying services can be a necessary step for choosing the buying service that will give you the best deal.

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Timeshares: It's a Good Time to Share

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